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1st Woman Chair For Europe's Confederation Of Directors

Posted on November 5, 2015 at 10:10 AM

It seems I keep good company. Well Done to Norway's Turid Solvang, who has been elected as the first female chair of the European Confederation of Directors Associations (ecoDa).

eCoda, which represents 55,000 business leaders across Europe has clearly decided to 'lead by example.'

Turid Elisabeth Solvang

Ms Solvang is co-founder and Managing Director of the Norwegian Institute of Directors - StyreInstitutt.  She has extensive experience as a non-executive director, serving on the boards of yA Holding and Siviløkonomene, and as co-owner of Infovidi AS.

I have been writing a monthly Governance Watch for StyreInstiutt for some time now, and have also had the pleasure of seeing this blog featured on its website - in Norwegian. Ms Solvang will bring much needed dynamism and excellent communication skills to this important mass of senior business people.

Ms Solvang tells me her main priority will be to understand and communicate how boards add value to businesses and drive European competitiveness.

“Boards of directors are facing increased scrutiny. Regulations are growing more detailed, more intricate and more numerous, more or less by the day. While boards may experience this as an implicit mistrust, it is our responsibility to share knowledge and develop best practice corporate governance” she says.


Congratulating Ms Solvang, Lady Barbara Judge - the first female chairman of the UK's Institute of Directors - said : "With each extra appointment, Europe comes closer to smashing the glass ceiling we have done so much to crack in recent years."


“Businesses that harness the potential of the millions of women with the skills, experience and ambition to excel at the top table will reap the benefits. Diverse boardrooms breed energetic executives and inspired workforces which can drive corporate performance. I look forward to working with Ms Solvang to champion the cause of women and diversity and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance in European companies" she added.

And that's another woman joining a growing critical mass at the top of the world of regulation and corporate governance - as long as women don't get relegated to the role of merely clearing up the mess created by a bunch of men.







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