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The Drip-Feed Of Leaks

Posted on February 20, 2011 at 7:55 PM

The Davies Review calls for more women on boards. Shock. Cue for the Sunday newspapers to go heavy with the jargon, so lots of talk of "glass ceilings", "work-life balance" and even "BlackBerry Woman."

For a story which has been leaked in time for the 'splash' in the Sundays, it 's a bit low on new content. 

The FT reveals that the review will recommend  a fifth of directors in the FTSE 350 should be women by 2013, with that proportion rising to a quarter by 2015. David Cameron is to launch the review on Thursday, and to  ask headhunters and shareholders to sign up to a code of conduct to boost the number of women on candidate lists.

I should wait for the details, just in case. But at the moment it looks very much as if this is a case of giving everyone a stern talking-to and asking them to do better. Or there will be quotas - except that the EU will probably get there before the Prime Minister.

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