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A vicious circle ?

Posted on February 14, 2011 at 2:15 PM

In the latest coverage of possibly setting 'targets' for women on boards, the FT says "even a voluntary across-the-board target will annoy business organisations." The CBI's argument it says is that companies should set their own targets and be measured against them - "so, for example, a media company with many female staff could set a higher one than an engineering company with mostly men."

So let's just look at engineering . UKRC research shows that only 7% of UK engineering professionals are women - compared to 18% in Spain, 26% in Sweden and 20% in Italy.

Paul Jackson, CEO of Engineering UK, recently highlighted this disparity - although at the time the UKRC figure was 9% so it appears to have dropped even further -and called for a hard look at the reasons behind it. He called it 'shocking' that the proportion of female engineering professionals in the UK is the lowest in Europe. Research has been commissioned to find out what is going wrong. 

The CBI seems to be suggesting something of a vicious circle.

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