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Businesses Need To Aim To Be 'Inclusive By Instinct'

Posted on June 26, 2017 at 12:40 PM

A worrying report landed recently - some 39% of workers surveyed in the U.K. admit that they have experienced a form of bias in the workplace or when applying for a job.

Findings from research done by Badenoch & Clark, which is part of The Adecco Group UK and Ireland, are more than a little disturbing. On the one hand, they found that one in five (20%) of employees have taken action to hide their age, disability, social background or sexuality in the workplace or when applying for a job. Some 22% think that their company does not embrace diversity and inclusion at any level, 29% have never read their company’s diversity and inclusion policy and a worrying 11% said that their company does not even have one.

But their research also throws out some surprisingly positive views about inclusion in the workplace. Almost half think that their organisation embraces diversity and inclusion at a board level (46%) and at management level (43%). 86% also agree that their organisation employs a broad range of people from all social backgrounds.

Which leads me to wonder a bit about how much people are prepared to say in research like this....which will always reflect the views of a savvy majority.

It's good to see they are not taken in either.

“Whilst it’s great to see that employees are, in some cases, positive about the level of diversity and inclusivity in UK organisations, there is still a long way to go. Each worker that has experienced bias is one too many, and employees will only ever flourish if they feel they can truly be themselves at work. Businesses need to commit to living and breathing diversity and inclusion throughout the entire employee lifecycle and in everything they do – every strategy, every hire, every decision. Ultimately, they should become inclusive by instinct” said Nicola Linkleter, President of Professional Staffing.


The report is Inspiring Inclusion In The Workplace - and we need more people to treat this with the urgency it requires.

Here are some thoughts from me on diversity and inclusion at Forbes. Last month - Britain Needs To Rethink Its Love Of Privilege (inspired by the gala charity evening at the Chelsea Flower Show and featuring a pic of one of the young Royals as they are actually extremely good at engagement with all on a very human level, in my view) and one on gender diversity earlier this month. (I have only just noticed it is an Editor's Pick.) Nice.

Here is a good video on #inclusion - via Accenture. Play videos like this in your business, instead of ones that are pure promotional marketing ? It might achieve the same purpose, only better.

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