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Marking Our Values : We Do It In A Tragedy, We Need To Do It Every Day

Posted on April 9, 2017 at 8:30 PM

News soon on this little blog's quest for sponsorship - I had forgotten about the Easter break, so I am aiming for May. But editorial independence will always be paramount, so if it remains unsponsored, I just post less.....it's all about time.

But, flying free of any ties today, I would like to draw attention to two events in the news. One was the extraordinary early press release from Barclays Bank plc. As I tweeted

Most of what I had to say on that is here, in today's post on Forbes: 'Barclays And The Great Corporate Governance Cop-Out: An 'Honest Mistake.'

As of now, it has had over 2,000 views - so I would say something about it resonates.

The other event on the news that caught my eye - and my heart, as it happens - was the funeral for the policeman killed in the line of duty at the #WestminsterAttack. I know his name, as do many hundreds and thousands of people. He was doing his job, Keith Palmer, and he gave his life doing it.

Here is today's coverage of that.

It may seem an absurd comparison - these two events. But I don't think it is, and it might be worth thinking about.

Because we identify with policemen and police women, who risk their lives for us every day and affect how we live.

But we don't identify with senior bods at Barclays Bank plc, even though what they do in a routine day's work (think about LIBOR) - and the #BBCPanorama programme The Big Bank Fix , on now - affects our daily life (think mortgages).

And a reaction from watching Panorama from a respected observer here:

#Panorama #LIBOR scandal: Bob Diamond blamed "a handful of traders" at the 'bottom of the food chain'.— Ann Pettifor (@AnnPettifor) April 10, 2017

It's time we stopped seeing these business men and women as Gods out of normal mortal reach- and judge them on the same standards we use every day, for lesser paid mortals. That might help build a better society.

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