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Calls For Collaboration In The Construction Supply Chain

Posted on July 26, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Construction is one of the UK's most important industry sectors. Yes, let's ignore the noise about financial services for a second. "The UK economy could be in better shape than estimated at the start of 2015 after construction output increased by 3.9% month-on-month in March" said This is Money in May (@MailOnline).


The sector had fallen in January and February, and private sector house-building rose for the first time in six months in March, with constructions up 1.3%, figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal. Then the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)  started to make a noise around the need for more collaborative supply chain relationships in the constructions industry.

Because, lets face it - the supply chain has been the most neglected source of risk in terms of corporate governance for business across sectors, until very recently.

The CBI says there is a need for more collaborative supply chain relationships in the UK construction industry. (Collaborative is fast becoming my corporate governance mot du jour).

A fragmented, and diverse industry, it says, means "too often supply chains are confrontational rather than collaborative, preventing best service." It identifies the need for strong industry leadership and government support. The UK government has just welcomed business leaders to join ministers on the renewed Construction Leadership Council.

"Greater collaboration, innovation and capacity" it says, are "game changers" in building more effective supply chains.

What about more women.....? Because it seems there are just 272,000 women in construction in the UK, compared to almost 2 million men.

Erm, I wonder if that is partly why there is so much confrontation - so many gaps in the balanced cognitive behaviour required for running good business return to the need for diversity.

And in a bid for up-to-the-moment thinking in a digital age, look at the most recent input for this post from my Twitter mate  Richard @LovellPropguru  here.




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