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Harnessing Talent For Growth (& Better Boardrooms)

Posted on August 15, 2013 at 4:40 AM

Urgent action needs to be taken by the UK's corporate world to stem the leaking talent pipeline that could hinder the progress of economic growth.

A reminder- which shouldn't be needed - today from the CIPD .

Its report-  entitled Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. (the link has a case of August-itis at the moment but I'm sure you will find it on their website soon) says - 'there are more than 2.4 million unemployed women who want to work and that if there were as many female entrepreneurs as there are male entrepreneurs, GDP could be boosted by 10% by 2030.' (my emphasis - perhaps i should also have put in BIG font).

CIPD interviewed female entrepreneurs and this is what it found:


  • Female-run enterprises are often particularly successful due to their unique approach to leadership and running their businesses:
  • They tend to be motivated more by a sense of purpose than by solely the prospect of generating wealth
  • They tend to grow their businesses incrementally and sustainably, avoiding debt in favour of self-financing wherever possible
  • They tend to take a personal approach to marketing and relationship management, taking great care to protect their brands and enhance their reputations
  • They tend to demonstrate great self awareness and business acumen, with ability to spot opportunities and recognise where bringing in new expertise can drive the business forward


Of course that means we need business to keep offering flexible working and - but the research also suggests that more women would be motivated to start successful businesses if they had access to a central business advice portal with quality guidance on financial business planning, franchising, up-skilling and training.

Over to you, Vince Cable.

Oh - and these women - is it possible some of them would make good non-executive directors? If there was such a 'portal', it could be tapped for names for the boardroom....direct by businesses, never mind those pesky headhunters. But perhaps that is a revolutionary August thought.


@CIPD is hosting a Twitter Q&A on Thursday at 13:30 with authors of the research Dianah Worman and Claire McCartney and the case-studies featured in the report #cipdQandA




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