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Here's A List To Emulate In Business #inclusion

Posted on March 11, 2013 at 11:45 AM

I have a certain amount of healthy journalistic disdain for the constant flow of 'lists' and rankings of 'very important people. Like the ! they are often a waste of space.

But here's one that should be emulated in UK plc : take a look at the MBA rankings,  'the 50 most influential professors of 2013.' You don't even have to read the words, the photographs capture a wonderful range of ethnicity and gender diversity.

I like the brief and to the point introduction:

"The world of business professors has long been the domain of older white men. One of the heartening aspects of this list of influential professors is the growing number of women, minorities, and younger people making waves. Presented in no particular order, the 50 most influential professors of 2013."

I got excited (so I may have counted wrong) but no less than FIFTEEN women of a variety of hues and at least EIGHT men who don't fit 'pale and male' as well. A bit different from another recent highly publicised 'power list'...

If the best of the thinking among business professors looks like this, maybe it will filter through to the businesses....

Two of them caught my eye:

"Rakesh Khurana serves as the Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development at Harvard Business School. He also serves as the co-Master at Cabot House. He’s written a fair amount on executive labor markets, business school history, and the foundations of leadership as an academic field. His second book earned him the Max Weber prize and the Gold Medal Axiom Business Book Award.

And "he’s working with Nitin Nohria, the World Economic Forum, and the Aspen Institute to create a global business oath." A global business oath ?  I love people who think  big.

And someone I have worked with as a journalist -

"Dr. Lynda Gratton (who) serves as a Professor of Management Practice and serves as the Director for the Centre for Women in Business at the London Business School. She has been recognized as a top 15 Business Thinker by The Times and The Financial Times selected her as someone most likely to make a difference in the business world over the next decade. She is the founder of the Hot Spots Movement."

"Making a difference in the business world." Live in hope. 

In case all this sounds like more 'diversity waffle', research done by Sodexo might be a good point on which to end: In the UK, women are expected to own 60% of all personal wealth by 2025. So as consumers, it sounds a little as if they will dominate....I wonder if we'll get quotas around that time, or before..







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