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For WOB : Speak Loudly (But Still Carry The Big Stick)

Posted on March 7, 2012 at 9:05 PM

Fact: It is much better to educate and persuade than hit people over the head.

On the other hand, best to remember 'Speak softly and carry a big stick" - Theodore Roosevelt, one-time US President allegedly quoting a West African proverb (biut I confess that's Wiikipedia, so go easy now.......)

I would like to point to the sort of material I believe might/will/must make a difference to appointing more women in senior roles in UK plc (and elsewhere). So today, on the eve of International Women's Day, here is one. 

Mazars LLP, the international advisory firm, have had some good research done - by Dr Atul Shah, an independent, who interviewed prominent members of the UK business and public sector community. I have to say I get reams of this stuff, but this one is written from both the heart and the (intelligent) head. The paper -'Boardroom Diversity : The Opportunity ' confirms the belief that diversity in the boardroom is good for business. 

You have to read it for yourself, but here are two quotes from the introduction that I particularly liked.

On hiring : "There is too much emphasis on 'fitting in' and too little on individuality - reducing the pool of talent from which people can add value." And this  - "Emotional and cultural intelligence are essential qualities for success, but are sometimes implied rather than explicitly considered."  Yes and Yes.

And the research showed how bias is often subconscious,,,,, and the introduction is by Ruby McGregor-Smith, CEO of Mitie and the only Asian FTSE 250 CEO in the UK. Sector : outsourcing. DUH. You really have to wonder why people don't get it.

I've looked on the Mazars UK website, and I can't see the report, but I am sure they could make it available if you get in touch. (Vince Cable should be first in line). But I do now know they are the UK's 9th largest UK accountancy partnership by audit fee income.......

We need so much more of this.

Tomorrow I hope to have more material to feature - and if you have anything decent, do send it to me - my email and contact details are on my website's  home page. Thank you.

One last thing - tomorrow, March 8th is  International Women's Day, let's hope it is more inspiring than depressing - to put you in the right frame of mind, here is a research note from  (please note  a leading investment bank) RenCap. I thank you gentlemen, as the 'mug' who still believes better communication is at the heart of most solutions.......but this may not be it.

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