Words .....that work

used with discretion and in harmony, to excite, persuade or merely reveal

FORBES        DECEMBER 17, 2015
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FORBES     NOVEMBER 10, 2015
Forbes   September 15, 2015
international bar association Global Insight May 2015
FORBES   May 6, 2015
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FORBES     MARCH 5, 2015
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international bar association Global Insight  July/Aug 2014
EY publication to mark international women's day '14
FORBES       November 20, 2014
FORBES      November 10, 2014
FORBES     November 4, 2014
FORBES      OCTOBER 8, 2014
the role of hr in fostering diversity
'if we don't have an inclusive environment we won't attract the best'
Stephen duckworth: 'At 21, I became the first disabled person i knew' 
answers also depend on the questions you ask...
'one of the big social questions in the uk is a huge divide between business and society...'
Caviar: 'You must never feel you have never tasted it…' 

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